Meeting Success Plan-Assist

On-the-phone and on-line assistance to support you develop and implement your Strategic Action Plan and Project Manager Plan.

We can:

  • Assist you with all areas of your plan, or your planning processes
  • Review your plans to provide suggestions on how you may sharpen or improve it
  • Edit your plan, assist with words, phrases, directions, strategies, objectives and implemenation tasks that will clarify your plans
  • Provide a friendly critic and strategic questioning approach to help clarify your issues, directions and required outcomes
  • Suggest 'Strategies' and 'Tasks' to create an effective Action Plan from your Strategic Plan.


Subscribe to our on-line, on-phone Plan-Assist.

Pay by the hour fee: $280 per hour (Plus GST)

Subscribe to a 10 hour Package: $2,400 (Plus GST)

Subscribe to a 20 hour package: $4,500 (Plus GST)

As a 'Plan-Assist' subscriber you can receive regular email hints on how to make your plans more effective.

Contact us to arrange a time to talk.

Planning Workshops

Meeting Success provides planning workshops and processes to suit the individual needs of your business or organisation.

Contact us to discuss your planning and organisational development needs.

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