About Meeting Success

Meeting Success Principal Consultant and Managing Director, Lindsay Holmes, brings extensive experience with Not for Profits, all levels of Government, and the Corporate Sector.

Meeting Success associates are carefully selected for each project.

Meeting Success Working Principles

  • Listening Respectfully
  • Achieving practical solutions in difficult situations
  • Releasing energy by moving people past blockages
  • Promoting innovative and lateral thinking
  • Getting organisations back on track
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Creating enjoyable group processes
  • Contributing to continuous improvement
  • Practicing the values that we promote

Meeting Success Values

  • Ethical Discipline
  • Development of Wisdom
  • Generosity
  • Patience
  • Enthusiastic effort
  • Concentration

Short Profile of Lindsay Holmes

Beside the road to Papunya during the Students at Risk Evaluation in 2000.

In this evaluation of programs in 1400 Australian schools, Lindsay evaluated schools throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.