We assist you to see things as they really are

then help you change them to how you want them to be.

Our processes include:

Strategic Planning - CEO Mentoring - Governance Development - Business Planning - Staff Training - Project Plan Training - Online Tools - Resource Development - Facilitation - Mediation - Organisational Development - Document Review and Development

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Cloud Reviews 360 (CR360)

An award-winning application making continuous professional development and compliance easier  

  • Reflect on and self-appraise performance against standards or performance goals
  • Attach evidence, videos, photos, documents to support self-appraisals
  • Invite appraisals from Supervisors' and Assessors
  • Share with Peers, Mentors and your Teams
  • Create your calendar linked Performance Development Plan  
  • Collaborate with your coach
  • Keep your learning log and certificates
  • Keep your Profile updated - publish custom CVs
  • Say goodbye to paper for your professional registration.

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Strategic Action Plan

Your Strategic Plan is your organisation's map to the future, but despite their existence, great Strategic Plans often don't get used. After 30 years of seeing good strategic plans sit on the shelf, our aim was to provide some tools to help you write and implement effective strategic plans, action plans & project plans.

The resulting Strategic Action Plan cloud-based tool is:

  • Intuitive to use
  • Totally effective in creating, managing, monitoring and reviewing action
  • A breeze to generate reports for staff and board, and
  • Smart.  It emails you weekly reminders of tasks to be started or completed.

A current user even told me that "It's really fun to use!".

If you can't remember what your Strategic Plan says, or if you don't have a clear process to implement it, request fourteen day full version Strategic Action Plan trial.

It's free and you won't be disappointed!

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Project Manager

Do you want to manage projects, but haven't been trained as a Project Manager?

Project Management software should make project management easier, not more complicated.

Project Manager™ is powerful and simple to use.

  • Create multiple projects step by easy step
  • Assign teams to Deliverables and Tasks
  • Create supervision and reporting relationships and timelines
  • Print out tasks by person responsible and task start or finish timelines
  • Monitor, review and revise your projects during implementation
  • Receive weekly task start and completion reminders
  • Create and track budgets
  • Prepare Reports with ease

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Since 1993, Meeting Success workshops have assisted hundreds of organisations and businesses with Strategic Planning & Project Management.

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We can facilitate a strategic planning process for you.

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Lindsay Holmes
Principal Consultant

"Lindsay Holmes is an excellent facilitator. He's able to manage complex issues and situations. He's creative and a lateral thinker. He is able to make sessions enjoyable and fun, even if the context is very difficult. He's experienced and that comes through in his work."

- Manager of Aged Care Services